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Bryan is a digital design and marketing professional. He has managed and/or designed marketing campaigns since 2008.

Personal Info
  • Name : Bryan Juber
  • Phone : 8013624659
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  • Adress : 267 W Lake Mountain Dr Saratoga Springs, Utah 84045

I wish to grow as a marketing professional, in a fun and challenging environment, while contributing and expanding my skillset to its fullest potential.



Recent Projects

Bryan enjoys every opportunity to help a business grow through proper brand development and marketing strategy. Bryan is always devoted to providing quality marketing and advertising materials for his clients–with a focus on cost effectiveness and strong business development. He also enjoys time-lapse photography as a hobby. Below are some examples of his work.

Microsites for US Synthetic
HTML, Marketing, Web Design
Discover the #Undiscovered – Bridges to the Stars | Land Rover USA
Timelapse Demo Reel 2014-15
US Synthetic STEM AD
Valley of Fire
Basa Body Product Images
Suncrest Diamond Images
Diamond Analytics
Ads, Marketing, Project Management, Web
US Synthetic Bearings
Ads, Marketing, Project Management, Web

Bryan Juber is the consummate pro. He gets the job done, is ever insightful, and picks up the slack where others have failed. He was able to see through some of the problems we were having with our website, and quickly get us to a place that took our site to the next level. Bryan is someone I'm proud to have as a part of my team.

Jonathan Martin
Director & Founder, FilmQuest - FilmQuest Film Festival ( )

I would highly recommend Bryan for any job in digital media and marketing. Based on my experience, Bryan has a creative mind and is a hard worker. He understands both print and online marketing strategies, works well in a team setting, has a good eye for brand development, and adapts extremely well to new technologies and marketing tools. Bryan has a good understanding of emerging tools and marketing processes.

Marc Modersitzki
Marketing Director - US Synthetic


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