Discover the #Undiscovered – Bridges to the Stars | Land Rover USA


Had the great opportunity to assist Ron Risman in capturing timelapse video for a Land Rover webisode. The video is about three individuals, a photographer, outdoor enthusiast, and an astronomer who are on an adventure to escape the city lights and experience the night sky during a new moon in Moab, Utah.

We were tasked with capturing timelapse footage of the night sky, while featuring the Land Rover Discovery in our shots. We spent the entire night shooting two amazing shots that were key to this video. The first was an interior shot, that allowed you to experience the amazing view of the moon roof of this vehicle. The second was an exterior shot that highlighted the beauty of this vehicle, by capturing a star filled sky, reflecting off the front window and the hood of the car.

Below are some screen shots of timelapses I helped capture and some behind the scenes shots:


Project Info
  • Company : Land Rover
  • Date : 2015-07-05
  • Role : Assistant Timelapse Photographer